About Visia®

VISIA® is a new 7th Generation Complexion Analysis System that has redefined skincare and facial aesthetics by delivering an improved experience for consultations. This top-notch machine identifies the problem and allows an in-depth way to see the evolution once treatment has started.

VISIA® includes a newly designed capture model which rotates around the subject hence providing a more accurate analysis while guaranteeing the patient’s comfort. VISIA’s software not only captures images quickly and efficiently but also provides skin type classification, refined facial feature detection, and more.

It’s features include eyelash analysis, skin type detection, a 3D viewer to visualize the skin’s surface in three dimensions and at every angle, an aging simulation program which simulates the aging process to show clients older or younger by 5-7 years for spots, wrinkles or both, among others.

Normally a $50 value, at Bloomed Miami you will receive a VISIA® Complexion Analysis and recommendations report in exchange of three referrals.